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Future Legends is a hand-picked group of musicians we think are on the track to "legend" status. Selected, roughly, from post-Willie Nelson country music primarily based in Texas.

More musicians in these sections:
Honky Tonk Legends - The legends and founders of Texas Country Music
Texas Artists - Profiles of modern Texas musicians


Tommy Alverson
A TRUE & REAL Texas Honky Tonker
Tommy's Home
Tommy's Bio
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Show Dates
Originally from Itasca, Texas comes Tommy Alverson to contribute a vital role in maintaining authentic Texas Music. Often appearing at Luckenbach, Coupland Dance Hall, and Texas' other great Dance Halls, Tommy’s mixture of hard core country with an occasional humorous offering, creates treasures which have become standards over the past 20 years of touring.

Gary P. Nunn, who has recorded several of Tommy's fine songs, says he’s "One of the best Texas country music songwriters in the business today," and Gary should certainly know. Tommy has recently released another great CD "ME ON THE JUKEBOX". It's re-mixed by Lloyd Maines (Dixie Chick Daddy), has Tommy's son on lead guitar, Maines on Dobro, and a host of other excellent musicians.

Tommy is undoubtedly one of the best singer/songwriters that keep emerging out of the grit and culture of Texas, although he's been around quite awhile playing at most Honky Tonks worth their salt. Pick up some of his stuff, and by all means go see him if he's within traveling distance! You be glad you did.

Say "Hello" for us at Honky Tonk Texas.

R C Banks
....a true Texas music pioneer.
Loud House Records
Ponty Bone
Gift Shop
R.C. Banks is a true Texas music pioneer. For over thirty-five years, he has been instrumental in laying the foundation and paving the road that has led to the worldwide acclaim of Texas music.
He is a well-known singer/songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Joe Ely, Linda Ronstadt, Charlie and Will Sexton, Mary Welch, Kimmie Rhodes, Ronnie Lane, and others.
R.C. has released his fourth album, "Conway's Corner". Artists contributing includ Butch Hancock, Jesse Taylor, Townes Van Zandt, Booka Michel, and others. A great CD, especially Track # 8, "Those Days Are Gone". Lots of great Ponty Bone noise, too.
Pick up on R.C.. He's one of our great ones.

Mike Blakely
"Texas Novelist Singer-Songwriter"
Gift Shop Featured Artist
Mike's Home
Texas native Mike Blakely is truly a multi-talented professional. He is a singer who has performed all over the U.S., Australia and Europe. Johnny Rodriguez, Geronimo Trevino III, Larry Joe Taylor, and Texas legend Gary P. Nunn have recorded his songs. Along with Alex Harvey and john Arthur martinez, he co-wrote "Seguro Que Hell Yes", the lead single of Flaco Jiminez' (Texas Tornados) 1995 Grammy Award winning album. The song featured the vocals of Raul Malo (The Mavericks). Mike is also a western novelist with thirteen books in print, including two Spur Award finalists- "Shortgrass Song" and "Comanche Dawn". He is the past president of Western Writers of America, a 600-member association of professional authors who write about the American West. Whether crafting western novels or composing songs of the west, Mike speaks from experience. Raised in a Texas ranching family, he learned at a young age the skills of the American cowboy. "Ridin' and ropin" come as naturally to Mike as writing and singing. That experience is what sets Mike Blakely apart as a true professional. With Larry "Snake Eye" Nye contributing his excellent guitar work along with a few other buddies, don't ever miss Mike Blakely & The Yahoos whether close or far. A great time and a good Western history lesson is in hand. Enjoy and thanks to Mike for preserving our heritage while carving new roads for us all to travel.

Clay Blaker
"...soundtrack of a beer joint Saturday night." John T. Davis
Clay's Home
Tour Dates
Gift Shop
Clay Blaker's album, Rumor Town, has been receiving some great reviews in the U.S. and overseas. The CD entered the Gavin Americana chart on June 12 at #31 and has since risen to #24. The Gavin review stated, "On Rumor Town, Blaker and his band serve up delicious honky-tonk fare that goes down like great Texas BBQ. The record has quite a few memorable tracks, some co-written and performed by Jim Lauderdale, including the haunting "I May Be a Fool," which features great harmonies and Tommy Detamore's inspiring steel guitar. "Nothing But a Memory" should be in every jukebox in America... Blaker is about as good as they get." San Antonio Express-News country music columnist Wiley Alexander wrote, "Blaker just keeps on getting better ... and now has a new CD called Rumor Town that's better than anything he's done. If there's any doubt about Blaker's improvement over the years, listen to Rumor Town. There are 10 dynamite songs on it and Blaker, of course, wrote or co-wrote all but two." John T. Davis said in the Austin American-Statesman, "Clay Blaker and the Texas Honky-Tonk Band are the very soundtrack of a beer-joint Saturday night. And just by way of proving it, several major stars, most notably George Strait, have hitched their wagons to his songs. Though best known in Nashville as a songwriter with a hitmaker's touch, in these precincts Blaker is most familiar as a fixture on a local bandstand, overseeing the couples revolving across a hardwood floor. "It is in that spirit that Blaker's latest album, Rumor Town, was created. Blaker wrote or co-authored eight of the album's ten cuts, and the total effect is a user-friendly set as comfortable as a faded pair of Levi's."

Junior Brown

Junior's Home
Tour Scheldule
Tanya Rae Brown
Gift Shop
Junior Brown says that he "...was playing both the steel and guitar, switching back and forth a lot while I sang, and it was kind of awkward. But then I had this dream where they just kind of melted together. When I woke up, I thought 'You know, that thing would work!' They made double-neck guitars and double-neck steels, so why not one of each?" A call was made to guitar maker Michael Stevens, whose expertise made the dream a reality, and around 1985 the guit-steel was born. Junior once again enlisted the services of Stevens to make a second guit-steel, a cherry-red axe affectionately nicknamed "Big Red." In Junior's hands, the guit-steel is an amazing tool, a means to creating some of the hottest, most heartfelt playing heard in years (and in a town like Austin, that's saying something). His talents have led major magazines like Musician to herald Junior as a genius. Life magazine honored him as the only contemporary musician included in their "All Time Country Band," and Guitar Player magazine's 1994 "Best of..." listings made him their #1 lap steel player, #2 Country Artist, and #3 country album (Guit With It). Instrumentalist is only one of the hats the 43-year-old is comfortable wearing -- along with singer, songwriter, and producer -- and he is equally adept and impressive in each role, having turned professional as a teenager in the late 60's. In the mid-80's, Junior taught guitar under Leon McAulliffe, the legendary steel man for Bob Wills' Texas Playboys at Oklahoma's Hank Thompson School of Country Music, part of Rogers State College. He even passed on a little more music to one student -- it was there that Junior met "the lovely Miss Tanya Rae," the talented woman who would become his rhythm guitarist, backup vocalist, and wife. "I kept her after class," Junior laughs. They married in July of 1988. Catch Junior & Tanya Rae Brown for an excellent show wherever you can.

Sarah Elizabeth Campbell

musicaustin link
Known for her hauntingly beautiful voice, Sarah performs songs of sadness and despair along with songs of hope and beauty in a deceptively simple way that makes it easy to think she's singing just to you. Mixing her own material with that of her favorite writers, Sarah makes music to soothe heartaches and ease dark nights of melancholy and longing. There's no denying that she is particularly drawn to sad songs. "I think my voice is built for it. That torchy stuff is easy for me to sing." For several years Sarah hosted "Bummer Night" a popular weekly event at La Zona Rosa and now at Artz Rib House in Austin where one rule applies: sad songs only. Along with her band and several guest artists each week, Sarah entertains the crowd with songs they can cry, whine, complain and moan along with. Among the many artists who have participated as guests are Rosalie Sorrells, Peter Rowan, Tish Hinojosa, Odetta, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Young, Tom Russell, Kevin Welch and Butch Hancock.

Slaid Cleaves
From Maine To Texas.....
Home Page
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"One of the most accomplished singer-songwriter collections recorded by anyone in years. Slaid Cleaves is working with folk and country music's richest themes, and with his unerring sense of melody and incisive lyrical touch, he makes them totally fresh again. Folk singers of 1997, take note - this is the one to beat." --Bob Cannon
"Balancing traditional rock rhythms with introspective lyrical musings, Slaid Cleaves seems like the sort of guy who probably champions Buddy Holly and Woody Guthrie equally. At times convincingly rowdy and at others openly vulnerable, he captures nuances of character in a way that makes his story-songs come alive." --Michael McCall
"He's got a melodic sense to match his narrative skills and he draws as much from Rockabilly and Hank Williams as he does from Vintage Bob Dylan....his sharp perspectives and sharper hooks distinguish him almost as much as his name." --Peter Margasak

Roger Creager
I wonder if they miss me down in Corpus Christi
Show Dates
On-line Music
Willie's Day Off
Roger Creager, originally from Corpus Christi, has the talent and humor to contribute what artists like Robert Earl Keen and Chris Wall have to Country music.
His "Everclear Song" is sure to become a classic, much like Keen's "The Road Goes On Forever" or - god forsake- Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Red Neck Mother," which he claims to have just come to terms with after singing it for 26 years.
Creager is rapidly becoming an Austin legend, so see him live when possible. Libbi Bosworth's "East Texas Pines" is one of Roger's best songs.
A great guy we offer luck and our support to. See him again soon at Mango's on Guadalupe. More coming.
See Roger at "Willie's Day Off" on July 4th. See our News section and link below.

Ramon and Ramon and the Four Daddyios
photo anyone???
These guys set Austin on fire in clubs all over town. They were one of the bands to open the Armadillo and their performances were legendary and wilder than any act performing in Austin during the late 60s through 75.Their last infamous performance was at the Ritz Theatre in 1975.In spite of their many wild and unpredictable live shows little is mentioned of this most exiting of all Austin bands. It has been rumored that they will return to Austin sometime this summer for a show that lead singer Ramon "Mincemeat" Mercer says will blow the top off of the current Austin music scene. by Sue Ann Folger, president "Ramon and Ramon Fan Club".

Loose Diamonds
Country, Folk, & Rock 'n Roll
Gift Shop
The Loose Diamonds' meshing of country, folk, rock and roll, and blues makes them one of the Hill Country's most interesting and entertaining bands. Their repertoire consists of both electric and acoustic songs mixed in a style that leaves the listener aware of the many influences that have forged Texas Music. The band's all-original material ranges from rough hewn blues based rock by "Scrappy" Newcomb to sensitive and roots-oriented balads by Troy Campbell. Mike Campbell on bass and Ian Bailey on drums complete the formula.

Craig Dillingham

Riata Talent
Craig Dillingham was born In Brownwood, Texas And First Started Singing At The Age Of 8 With His Older Sisters. In The Late Sixties & Early Seventies "The Dillingham Sisters" Sang Around Brownwood & The West Texas Area. They Also Appeared With Rick/Bobby Sikes & The Rhythm Rebels At Panther Hall In Ft. Worth. In The Seventies Craig Worked With Ray Price And In 1976 He Became A Regular On The Louisiana Hayride. Recording For Curb Records, In The Eighties, He Had 5 Charted Country Songs With One "Have You Loved Your Woman Today" Reaching #32 Qualifying Him For The West Texas Music Hall Of Fame. Often opens for Willie. A great singer and songwriter. Craig often tours with other great songwriters Sonny Throckmorton, Bruce Channel and Johnny Duncan for one hell of a show!

Joe Ely
The Wandering Gypsy Cowboy
Gift Shop Featured Artist
During the late 1950's and '60's a restless dusty wind blew through Lubbock, a rural, law abiding, and strictly religious community in the flatlands of the Texas panhandle. Venturing out was to go either to a movie or church. The teenage population had little to do for entertainment, except for a few clubs and a great barbecue joint, Stubb's, who offered stages to those who chose a guitar over a tractor. With Bob Wills' influence and the legacy of Buddy Holly looming above them, these young musicians had a lot to look up to. At the age of sixteen, Joe Ely took guitar lessons from Holly's old teacher, but soon the local freight train was too much of a temptation for Joe to avoid. His longtime friend Butch Hancock, who came from the same roots, has said Lubbock is as if "you're standing on the horizon, you're on the edge of the planet." Joe traveled the world, working in the circus and sleeping on beaches, while working as a musical troubadour in subways and on street corners. Today, Joe Ely is a multitalented Artist whose music is complemented by work in Visual Arts, movie soundtracks, and books. With over 16 albums and more coming, Joe maintains a constant touring pace for his loyal fans from around the world. He has been on several "Tribute" albums to Buddy Holly, Elvis's original band and Merle Haggard. Joe's roots show best when he plays with Lubbock friend Ponty Bone and Flatlanders Butch Hancock and Jimmie Dale Gilmore.

Lil Joe y La Familia
"Grammy Award Winner"
Lil Joe's Casa
Photos of Joe
Tour Dates
Little Joe & La Familia is one of the most popular Tex-Mex bands in the music industry. Little Joe has been entertaining for more than 35 years, and has been described as the "King of The Brown Sound." He also helped pioneer "Tejano" music, a mix of traditional "norteno" music and country, blues and rock styles. In 1953, Joe's cousin, David Coronado, who fronted a band called "David Coronado & The Latinaires" recruited Joe for guitar. Joe ventured into his own independent company in 1968, "Buena Suerte Records" for his Spanish recordings and "Good Luck Records" for his English recordings. Also to follow would be "Leona Records", a label also owned by Joe and a distribution deal with Freddy Records in Corpus Christi, Texas. In 1970, after playing and spending much of his time in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Joe discovered "Latinismo", a strong Latin musical world which was not found in Texas at that time. It had a profound change in his music and his cultural values which prompted him to change the name of the band from The Latinaires to La Familia. J After leaving WEA, Joe would once again go independent and form "Redneck Records" where he recorded the live double album "25th Silver Anniversary" in 1985. In 1992 Joe received a Grammy Award for "Diez Y Seis De Septiembre" for the Best Mexican American Performance Category. Joe received his third Grammy nomination for his first recording "Que Paso". Currently, Joe has signed a co-venture deal with his company "DeLeon Publishing" and "Peer Music Limited Publishing" in an effort to bring a major publishing outlet for Texas songwriters extending publishing work to 33 countries. Forty years and over fifty albums later, Joe is touring the world, trailblazing, looking forward to new challenges, breaking down the cultural and musical barriers and innovating his musical style. As always, Joe strives to bring people together to make a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Clay Farmer

Clay's Farm
Show Dates
Clay began writing lyrics at the tender age of four. He took gospel songs that he sang in church and when he couldn’t remember the words he simply made up his own. Growing up in East Texas, Clay listened to the music his parents played at home. They listened to Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Don Williams, Elvis, and many more. Clay hasn’t strayed far from his roots fusing the music of his childhood into a sound uniquely his own. Clay’s brand of country music is reminiscent of the gospel fury of Billy Joe Shaver, the angst of Steve Earle and the intellect of Lyle Lovett. Clay writes the music but insists that “the artists in the band make the music come alive”.

Kevin Fowler
...been listening to Robert Earl, just enough...
Home Page
Willie's Day Off......
Gift Shop
Kevin Fowler hails from up Amarillo, Texas way where Texas is a whole different place than the Hill Country in Central Texas around Austin. Starting in a rock band Dangerous Toys, he soon found his Texas roots in Austin. Hearing Jerry Jeff Walker, Chris Wall, Robert Earl Keen, Willie (of course) on your radio on the way to the beer joint (The Broken Spoke) or even on the way to the local gas station for a 6 pack, tends to get to you after awhile. "Ain't it great!"
See "Willie's Day Off" (no Willie) on July 4th at our "Texasusic" section.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore
A Singer and a Seeker
Home Page
Gift Shop
Besides a UFO that came through hometown Lubbock, Texas in the early 1950's, Jimmie credits Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, and Bob Dylan as common influences. "Flatlander" buddies Joe Ely and Butch Hancock were raised in the local coffee shops, and years later showed up in Austin at the same time to reunite and share their talents along with other "Lubbock Mafia" musicians Tommy Hancock, Ponty Bone, the Maines Brothers, and Jo Carol Pierce to polish the developing music scence. The rest is history. Jimmie is an unique talent with a magical flare of sprirtuality.

the gourds
When wine was cheap...
Gift Shop
the gourds is whisky drinkin' music, pure and simple. Somewhere between honky tonk rock and alternative country, the gourds have been called an American version of the Pogues. These guys is great!!!

Pat Green
Texas Music Lives On
Pat's Home & Reviews
Gift Shop
Over the course of the past five years, Pat Green has accomplished some pretty amazing feats. His audience has grown by astonishing proportions, allowing him to sell more than 100,000 copies of his first four albums combined. His first studio release in two years, shows that Green has matured as a songwriter. With the help of producer Lloyd Maines (Dixie Chicks & JJW), Green has certainly fashioned his best-sounding work so far, and guest appearances by Willie Nelson, David Grissom, and Terri Hendrix help spice up the proceedings some. Green's subject matter remains typically Texan: filled with allusions to love and small-town life and references to drinking beer and/or tequila.
Sounds like a lot of Texas boys we grew up with.

Butch Hancock
Gift Shop
Lubbock native Butch Hancock worked his father's dry land farm outside of Lubbock, Texas until the call of architectural school and painting gave way to his love for music. Those dusty tractor days were soon replaced by smokey nights with friends Joe Ely and Jimmie Dale Gilmore to form "The Flatlanders" (More a Legend Than a Band) in 1970. Several years later all three found themselves with sucessful musical careers in Austin, Texas planning a reunion. Butch has several great offerings including his "No Two Alike" collection recored over a week at Austin's Catus Cafe with, yep, no two songs alike. A great collection from Butch and many friends. A great collection, but all of Butch's are.

Sweet Mary Hattersley
Greezy Wheels Rolls On!!!!
Sweet Mary Aid @ La Zona Rosa
Sweet Mary is Mary Hattersley of Austin. southaustinmusic.com describes her as "a wonderful spirit, (who) keeps the lesson rooms bright and happy. She teaches fiddle students of all ages and levels of accomplishment. Regardless of the age of her students, she's always got a sticker or two for their accomplishments in each lesson. Mary has played many studio and pickup gigs and was an original member of Greezy Wheels, an Austin musical institution." Along with many other Texas musicians who drifted to Austin in the 1960's and '70's, Mary & the band helped Austin become the music mecca it became. It was a gas every night. Mary herself can be described as an Austin musical institution; the contributions she has made to the music community are immeasureable.

Whitney Ray Huitt
"Too Close To Willie For Comfort"
Whitney's Home
The "hand" in the photo on Whitney Ray's shoulder is that of of old pal Townes Van Zandt. This garble should stop right there. Enough said. But other names which influenced Whitney (and that he influenced!) include such infamous Austin/Texas Artists as Stephen Fromholz, Champ Hood, Blaze "God Bless You" Foley, Jubal Clark, Calvin Russell and Willie..... and a batch of others.
Whitney has "tampered" with the musical ethics of Austin from before the days of the Armadillo World Headquarters & Soap Creek Saloon. This guy's style is way too close to Willie for comfort....which can be a dangerous thing!"
Still at it and busy touring Texas and Europe (that about takes care of it!).

Cornell Hurd
Country Music's Worst Nightmare
Gift Shop
Home Page
Cornell Hurd and his Band are an invigorating part of a breed of "Country Purists" in the Hill Country Honky Tonks like Don Walser, the Derailers, Junior Brown, and Chris Wall. Cornell's blend of Honky Tonk Music, Western Swing, and some California Surf music leaves everyone on the dance floor swirling. Cornell moved to Austin in 1989 with his wife (who played piano) along with Frank X. Roeber, a co-founder of the 30 year old band. Cornell has said that "We swung before, but we swing a whole lot more" since coming to Austin. They had been touring since 1977 in a 38-foot 1953 Greyhound bus that they "remodeled" themselves.

Jack Ingram

Gift Shop
And now, re-loaded with a new brace of kickin’ tunes, Jack Ingram and his Beat Up Ford Band (McAdam, Pinkernell and the tasty rhythm section of Scott Esbeck and Pete Coatney) are chomping at the bit, ready to get back on the road. "I’m ready to get back out and work hard," says Ingram. "We only did about a hundred shows last year, and since we usually do about two-and-a-half times that, it just wasn’t nearly enough for me." Which brings up another thing about a honky-tonk man--he’s gotta work like hell to get full value out of the good times...

The Jayhawks
The Legacy of Gram Parsons
Fan Site
Gift Shop
Gram Parsons doing Grank Funk RailRoad was the first impression of the Jayhawks years ago when "Hollywood Town Hall" was released in 1992. Followed closely by "Blue Earth", these two efforts reminded us not only of Gram Parsons, but of Levon Helm with their common love of American Music. The esoteric theme of "Martin's Song" on "Blue Earth" will make you chill back for a moment, as we all need to more often. Now 6 CD's into it and after typical personal troubles, the Jayhawks are back with "SMILE". Texas folks are reminded of Uncle Tupelo who split up to form Wilco and Son Volt (and of course Wilco + Jayhawks = Golden Smog). Figure it out. It's damn well worth it.

Robert Earl Keen
The road goes on forever, the party never ends...
Gift Shop Featured Artist
Robert Earl Keen's fans range from real cowboys all the way to the boisterous college crowds who often sing his songs louder than he does, but after several years playing to quiet crowds at small clubs, Robert Earl doesn't mind. He's just proud to have them all there, and nobody goes away without having a great time. Guaranteed! His songs of youthful exuberance like "Corpus Christi Bay," and of human desperation like "Mariano," come from a "keen" sense of the observation of life. You won't find any "made up" songs on his CDs. Several years ago at a show where he opened for Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt he was invited to join them for an amazing finale. The sight of Robert Earl between these two great songwriters pretty much revealed his musical style and talent. He's a great guy. Long time side-kick Bryan Duckworth on fiddle adds to the enjoyment.

Reckless Kelly
Wild Western Windblown Band
Home Page
Upcoming Shows
Albums & MP3s
Cody & Willy Braun, Jay Nazz, Casey Pollock and Chris Schelske form this modern version of southern rock and country fusion. Austin music usually defies classification and Reckless Kelly certianly fits this bill. Best to just drink some whisky and enjoy. These guys along with Buddy Chris Wall is why Austin music will survive in a form that we can listen to AND why Stubb's and James White will be able to make a living in Austin. Thanks James, Chris, and of course, RECKLESS KELLY.

Mark Winston Kirk
Born in Shiner, Texas (that oughta do it for starters!)
Kirk Home
Fan Club
.mp3 downloads
Mark Winston Kirk has his Texas singer/songwriter credentials all in order, starting with his birth in 1966 in Shiner, Texas - The Home of Shiner Beer! By 1987 Mark had assembled a band and hit the road opening for such well known names as George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Mr. Merle Haggard, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire and many more. He's played Billy Bob's Texas in Ft. Worth to Luckenbach, Texas (in Luckenbach, Texas), to the National Final Rodeo in Las Vegas. He's supportive of Texas Hatters on his web site (any one who knows Norma Gammage & family and remembers Manny Gammage is on our pal list). Mark has written over 350 songs, has a unique voice with creative vocals. Jump on this train, it's starting to roar. The best to you Mark. (512)496-0880 for booking. Check his web link for all else. Mark often plays at Coupland Hall which is on our Honky Tonk Texas, USA - CD-Rom documentary of Texas Dance Halls & Artists.

john Arthur martinez
"...the songs, the looks and vocals as smooth as Flan"
john Arthur's Home
Tunes & Links
When Texas singer/songwriter john Arthur martinez speaks of the country and small town influences in his albums, Spinning Our Wheels and On the Border, his words ring with authority. He spent his early childhood on a ranch near Round Mountain, Texas, and like an old oak, his roots reach deep into the rocky soil of the Texas Hill Country. This multi-talented songwriter reveals his affinity for the country life in his gripping lyrics and stunning vocal performances. He doesnt just write songs, he has lived them. "The songs come first" he says. They are driven by a desire for success, ambition, and even some failures. But, ultimately they are songs of optimism, which have impressed audiences and critics alike. john Arthur's composition "Seguro que Hell Yes", co-written with Alex Harvey and Mike Blakely, has certainly impressed the executives at Arista. The song is the debut single for Flaco Jimenez sung by Raul Malo of The Mavericks. He is often sharing the stage or opening for Diamond Rio, Reuben Ramos, The Texas Tornadoes, Robert Earl Keen, Tish Hinojosa, Emmylou Harris, Holly Dunn, John Prine, Hal Ketchum, Gary P. Nunn, T.G. Shepherd, Janie Fricke, Johnny Gimble, Alex Harvey, and Hall of Famer, Floyd Tillman. He has taken time from his busy schedule to assist in the direction of the Austin Songwriters Group, of which jam sits on the board of directors. With the upcoming release of Stand Your Ground, his career stands on the launching pad, ready for ignition! Go for it john Arthur.

Mark Merritt

Mark's Home
ReLoad Record Company
Mark Merritt began playing guitar at age 8, when, after complaining to his father about being bored was given the choice of either cleaning out a really dirty garage or learning to play three chords on the guitar, and to learn to play "On Top Of Old Smokey", the 'Kid' (as he's called around the studio) opted for the guitar lessons and "Smokey". His father taught Mark those three chords, and he immediately became addicted. "It immediately became my drug of choice", said Mark.
Once free from High School, Mark began to play around professionally with some bands, most notably "Naked Disciples", a sort of alternative groove band. They played mostly around Deep Ellum in Dallas for a couple of years. Mark was also involved in the "Naked Disciples" making and release of their album 'Etchings' in 1991. During this time Mark was also involved with another band, "Able Relm", which focused primarily on recording. Mark recorded 'Calvin' with "Able Relm", but it was never released. When the "Naked Disciples" broke up, Mark decided to go into hiatus for a while.
Now working at RockHouse for the last two years, says, "Basically, RockHouse has reintroduced me back to Texas music roots," and you certainly can't beat that!

Monte Montgomery
Heart Music
Tour Dates
Gift Shop
A difficult web page to navigate, but the pickin' is well worth the wait to download or the drive to see Monte where ever he is tonight! Often at The Saxon Pub in Austin or at Gruene Hall & Luckenbach. Always a good show, but careful for the "Frat" boys & girls.

Earl Musick

Earl's Home
Reload Record Company
Earl Musick has been a mainstay of the Texas music scene for more than thirty years. In addition to being a prolific songwriter, he is also an accomplished left-handed guitar player, vocalist and performer.
In 1987 he released his first album, Apropos, with the Unsung Heroes, on his own label, Reload Records. His 1995 solo release of DONE DEAL was met with great acclaim. Earl has just finished producing Amos Staggs' newly released "Scattered" CD on the Reload Label at RockHouse Studio, as well as The Brazos Brothers brand new "Harmony Road" CD, and is working on new material with Mark Merritt to finish Earl's "Privateer" CD. In addition to all of this, Earl is running RockHouse Studio, and is currently producing a couple of other things that you'll be hearing about soon! He also still manages to get in as much golf as possible! Keep checking back for more, new information, as it becomes available!

Toni Price
Austin Chronicle's
#1 Female Vocalist Of The Decade!!!
Toni's Home Page
Gift Shop
Toni Price lives and sings in Austin, Texas. You can catch her Happy Hour show every Tuesday at the Continental Club, where she's accompanied by a fabulous group of musicians: Casper Rawls (acoustic guitar, B-Bender, LeRoi Brothers); "Scrappy" Jud Newcomb (1997 Austin Music Awards "Best Acoustic Guitarist" & member of Loose Diamonds); and Champ Hood (1997 Austin Music Awards winner in "Strings" category, Threadgill's Troubadours) on guitar and fiddle. Check out the calendar for more live date information. Since 1993, Toni has released four fantastic CDs: Low Down & Up, Swim Away, Hey, and Sol Power. A four-song video based around the making of Sol Power, Howdy from Alpine, is also available. Toni is one of the busiest (and best) artist in town. A true Honky Tonk Angel. Never miss her shows.

Steve "Red" Reider
Welcome to Red Reider Country
Steve's Home
Music Projects
Steve Reider was born in York County, Pennsylvania and at the age of six moved with his parents to Copperas Cove, Texas (Fromholz Country). Reider's country music influence came early in life, mainly from watching other great country crooners, like Hank Williams Sr., Merle Haggard, George Jones, George Strait, and Alan Jackson. He also spent a lot of time listening to country radio, which was a big part of his household, back in those "growin' up days". While Steve always maintained a strong interest in music, he became serious about honing his singing skills and began to rigorously pursue a professional singing career in 1994.

Charlie Robison
Good Times
Home Page
Dualtone Music

There are two places maverick singing/songwriting/storytelling Texan Charlie Robison is most comfortable: his family ranch in Bandera deep in the Texas hill country and on any stage performing his raucous, cross-cut brand of rockin’‚ stompin’‚ country with an in-your-face orneriness that has both set him apart from the crowd and made him something of a lightning rod. Born and raised in Bandera, Texas in a ranching family that’s worked the same stretch of real estate since the 1840s, Robison spent his time growing up on a full plate of time-honored Lone Star endeavors - working the ranch, playing football, singing country songs and raising his fair share of hell.

Embracing elements of such mavericks as Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Doug Sahm, John Prine, Guy Clark, Robert Earl Keen and Bruce Springsteen, Robison keeps it all real with a heartland/populist approach that blends his natural gifts as a storyteller with a genuine affection for high-steppin’‚ honky tonk and a rocker’s instinct to rattle the cage. And if he surrenders now and then to an impulse to poke a little fun with the stuffed shirts on Music Row, well, ya wouldn’t want the boy to hold that sort of poison inside him, would you?

Charlie’s shoot-from-the-hip tendencies may have occasionally dipped him in some hot water, but the upshot is that audiences recognize and respond to his refreshing candor. This honest, “what you see is what you get” stance has helped him to become a true “crossover” entertainer who’s been welcomed on The Grand Ole Opry, Austin City Limits, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborne and as a celebrity judge on the inaugural Nashville Star talent search program.

Bruce Robison
Bandera Songwriter
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From Bandera, the Cowboy capital of Texas, Bruce is one of the artists redefining Texas country music. While not as "pretty" as brother Charlie or wife Kelly Willis, Bruce is a musician's musician, tried and true. If Red Letter Day, from his 1995 self-titled debut, doesn't cure whats hurtin' ya, I don't know what will.

Johnny Rodriguez

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Johnny's love affair with music began in Sabinal, Texas where he was born December 10, 1951, the ninth of ten children in a boisterous Mexican-Irish household. "My parents favored Latin music; my older brothers preferred country; my friends were into rock and roll, I loved it all." At 16 Johnny formed his first band, 'The Spocks' "named after Mr. Spock on Star Trek" while still in high school. He arrived in Nashville in 1971 with .00 in his pocket. "I couldn't even afford a case for my guitar, so I carried it wrapped in a plastic bag." Two weeks later he was playing lead guitar in Tom T. Hall's band. After signing his first recording contract in 1972, he recorded 11 consecutive #1 singles, becoming a country music super star before his 22nd birthday. In 1979 he recorded for CBS Epic and spent approximately 125 days a year on the road with his band. Johnny has one of the finest voices in country music.

Golden Smog
some Jayhawks, a Wilco, a Soul (Asylum), a Replacement all Run Westy Running = Golden Smog
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Austin's South By Southwest Music Festival, a couple of years ago, brought these guys together for a great show at the Austin Music Hall. Only occastional CD's and shows. Don't miss 'em.
A fine mix of Jeff Tweedy from Wilco & Uncle Tupelo, Dan Murphy from Soul Asylum, Gary Louris and Marc Perlman from the Jayhawks, Craig Johnson from Run Westy Run, and Noah Levy from Honeydog. Gram Parson's would be proud and would want to be in this one!

Ronny Spears
Modern Day Outlaw
Ronny Spears, who grew up in Frisco, Texas, has been performing his style of music for almost a decade now. As a young boy, Spears recalls how he was moved by the writing and music of his heroes Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Jimmy Rodgers, and Hank Williams.
Spears’ release "Modern Day Outlaw" is a collection that features some of his best and most diverse writing yet. The songs range from rockin’ Hony Tonk to tender love ballads and everything in between, crossing many boundaries, yet sticking to its Country roots.
Ronny's band, Honky-Tonk Hardcore, is made up of exceptional musicians with long and strong backgrounds in Texas music and who have performed with many of his heroes. They have been traveling throughout the state and beyond entertaining fans and making new ones with Spears’ original music.
Catch Ronny whenever you can. It'll be worth the drive, for sure.

Amos Staggs

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Amos Staggs, (a.k.a. his real name Roy Robinson) began playing and singing at age six. He started his musical career at age fourteen with his first band, playing drums and guitar. He began writing songs while still in high school in the early 1960's. He started performing folk music as a solo act in the late '60's around Fort Worth, Texas. He performed in many bands in Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California from the late '60's to the '70's, performing original music. By then he had taught himself to play bass, dobro and steel guitar.
While performing in Austin, Staggs' band was the opening act at Armadillo World Headquarters, Soap Creek Saloon and "a folk place, the "old Checkered Flag." Recited Amos, "That group got pretty solid. We took off for San Francisco, on the Armadillo School Bus. The band managed to make a living playing clubs like The Family Dog, The Lions Share, even the Fillmore West. The group did a west coast tour with Santana, and a little acoustic group-- The Kinks," It was while playing in an electric band opening for Boz Scaggs that Roy Robinson acquired his musical alter-ego, Amos Staggs. "Our drummer was from Chicago, and he was saying, 'You're much too funky for the Roy deal', and he started calling me Amos, and it stuck."
Over the years, Amos has played music with, and for many of the world's renown artists including Janis Joplin, Gatemouth Brown, Tom Schiffour, Benny Rowe, Curtis Massey, Ray Sharpe, Doug Kershaw, Willie Nelson, Night Watch, Earl Musick, James Pennybaker, The Blues Movers, 'T-Bone' Burnett, Rick Nation, Johnny Winter, Boz Scaggs, Freddie Powers, George Smid, Bill McDavid, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jerry Jeff Walker, Edd Lively, Whistler, Joe Ely, Bill Ham, The Unsung Heroes, Don Edwards, Ronnie Tilson, Steve Miller, Mark Merritt, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Walt Redding, Commander Cody, Santana, Delbert McClinton, Lightnin' Hopkins, Benny Barnhart, Steve Fromholtz, The Kinks, Cross Country, Eddie Bammer, Stephen Bruton, Rollo Smith, Willie Dees, L.E. 'Gene' Scott, Bobby Potter, Pat Trimble, Phil White, Keith Ferguson, Vaughn Bean, Preston Dunlap, Garth Brooks and Red Stegall.
Amos Staggs now resides in Comanche, Texas and pursuing his songwriting with various writers in Nashville, Austin and Fort Worth. When not in the studio or writing more music or playing golf, Amos enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family and friends.

Larry Joe Taylor
The Toast Of Padre Island
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Larry Joe Taylor certainly has found an unique new blend for the many sided creature we know as Texas Music, "Texas Coast Music". While Jerry Jeff Walker found his Nirvana in Belize, flying back and forth in his twin engine plane from the Texas Hill Country to the Central American beaches, Larry was up to his neck in sand fleas on our beautiful Texas coast. His annual Island Time Festival in Port Aransas, Texas each July, along with numerous other chili festivals, events (such as Tommy Alverson's festival in Hico, Texas), and shows from Poor David's in Dallas to Luckenbach, Texas, Larry Joe offers an unique form of Texas music. Don't miss his shows, often with other great Texas Artist's (see links & photos above). Grab his latest cd "Heart Of The Matter" for a different taste of Texas.

Lisa Tingle

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From 1993-1995 Lisa Tingle's first project, "Black Pearl", a straight ahead rock band, sold thousands of CDs without label support. In 1995 Lisa decided to go solo in search of more stylistic freedom. Drawing from her roots in an eclectic environment, and working with some of Austinâs heaviest musicians (Malford Milligan-Storyville, Brannen Temple, and Chris Maresh-Stephen Bruton, to name a few), she recorded "In the Water", which was released in October 1996. It was received with great praise and lots of airplay, both regionally and abroad, and with the song "Get Thru You," she was voted "Best Female Vocalist of the Year" by the Austin Chronicle. In 1998, with a new perspective on life, Lisa's performances became more passionate than ever. In 2000 Lisa recorded the "Live at the Lucky Lounge" CD (an acoustic performance) in response to overwhelming requests from her diehard Lucky Lounge Friday fans. Later in the year she released her latest effort, "Paradise" which has already been received with great praise and reviews. A great Artist and a fine person.

Chris Wall

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No one has to write a biography on Chris Wall, he does it every time he picks up his guitar. When World Champion Cowboy Larry Mahan referred to Chris as "A good cowboy doin' good cowboy music," or another Champion Chris LeDoux calls him "A big ol' burly cowboy with a heart as large as the West," the rest of us best pay attention!
He's packed halls from Montana to Manhattan. Much of his childhood was spent on a cattle ranch in Montana, and after roaming from college, to the movies, returning to ranching, and bartending, it all changed one night when he was dragged on stage at the famous "Million Dollar Saloon" in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to perform. Guy Clark told old buddy Jerry Jeff Walker, and after a visit to the Saloon, he persuaded Chris to migrate to Austin in 1988.
Jerry Jeff had three of Chris' songs on his next album "Live at Gruene Hall." Chris has released some great albums, including "Honky Tonk Heart," "No Sweat," and "Cowboy Nation." Confederate Railroad recorded his song "Trashy Women" which hit Billboard's Top Ten and propelled their album to Platinum status.
Catch Chris often at the Broken Spoke in Austin. He'll be either singing or drinking - or both. It'll be a great show from a great guy.

Dale Watson
Honky Tonkin' Truck Drivin' Signin' Man
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"I'm one of Dale's biggest fans – I enjoy all his records and think he's great. I think there's a great deal of similarity between Dale and Waylon and myself...Kris and all the guys who just want to play their music and not have to go through all the bullshit. Dale stays true to what he believes in...whatever they say made me and Waylon 'Outlaws,' I think he's the same...if WE were, HE is."Willie Nelson ('nough said)
Write to: Dale Watson's Friends, P.O. Box 201034, Austin, Texas 78720-1034

Alvis Wayne

The Alvis Wayne Story
Rockabilly Hall of Fame
Alvis Wayne Samford (born December 31, 1937 in Puduka, Texas) originally had four records out on the Kansas City, Missouri based Westport label in the '50s and some 45s on Rollin' Rock in the '70s. Last year Ronny Weiser issued the first full length CD of this Texas rockabilly legend on his Las Vegas based Rollin' Rock label. The second Alvis Wayne Rollin' Rock album titled "Proud of my Rockabilly Roots" just dropped on my doormat. I still enjoy the "Rockabilly Daddy" CD very much and Alvis, goin' on 64, still has a fabulous voice, so I have high hopes for this new release. I'll give it a spin right away and comment on what I hear pounding through my living room. Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001.

Kelly Willis
Patsy Cline's Spiritual Daughter
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Patsy Montana to Patsy Cline and now Kelly Willis and Marcia Ball: "the girl singers," as these fine Artists were respectively known in years gone by, have certainly contributed greatly to the heritage of Dance Hall Music. Kelly Willis, whose powerful yet sweet voice reminds you only of Patsy Cline, is worth a drive across Texas to see her perform, and if you’ve never been here, that’s a mighty long way. With several releases and more on the way, she has secured her rightful position in our musical heritage as well as the hearts of her fans. Recently she formed Boar’s Nest Music with Bruce and Charlie Robison, two excellent singer/song-writers who grew up in Bandera, Texas listening to family friend Adolph Hofner playing.


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